Nicholas "Indy" Ray's Homepage

Welcome! Here you might find info about me, links to projects, miscellaneous programming thoughts, and in general things related. So much as I find the time to add to it.

About me

I'm a professional game programmer, with a specialty in systems and tools programming. I have a particular passion for discovering new unique solutions, and making game development and programming easier and more expressive.

Things of interest

Ploy is a programming language as an experiment in combining the advantages of C, ML, and LISP. With the respective language features being explicit memory management, type inferrence, and macros.


Terrace is a very simple sexp->html site template generator, I use it for this site among others. It aids in my goal to never have to write any XML.

Cascade is my sync client, needs work but is usable for basic upload sync tasks.

I write-up on the state graph, and how it helped our small team acomplish some remarkable animation tasks.